Story of Angalamman

Once Shakthi was reborn as Parvati, Brahma performed a yaga to save god and men from two demons known as Sandobi andSundaran. Through this yagna Thilothamaan apsara came to life. Attracted by the beauty of Thilothama, the demons, and even Brahma, followed her. For her protection she went to Kailash where Brahma also followed. As Brahma also was with five heads, Parvathi mistook him for Shiva and felt at his feet. When Parvathi realized the truth, she was very angry and prayed Shiva that the fifth head of Brahma should be destroyed. So Shiva as "Rudra" removed one head of Brahma so Brahma now with four heads cursed Shiva that his fifth head must be attached to his hand itself and hereafter Shiva must be affected having hunger, having no sleep. So Shiva came to earth and roamed everywhere. When he was hungry he begged and ate, but half of the food he begged was eaten by the fifth head of Brahma: that is, the "Kabala" so Shiva roamed in every graveyard and slept in ashes and that form of Shiva is worhipped as Bhairava in south India.

Parvati went to her brother Lord Vishnu and asked for relief for her husband so Lord Vishnu said to Parvati, "My dear sister, go to thandakarunyam graveyard with your husband and make a pond there named "Agni kula theertham" and prepare a tasty food made by Agathi keerai (Humming bird tree leaves) and blood of chicken and serve that food to kabala and then throw the food everywhere in the graveyard. The kabala will come down, leaving Shiva’s hand, to eat the food. Then take your husband to the pond and clean him with that water so that it will not catch your husband’s hand". Parvati did as her brother said: she took her husband to thandakarunyam graveyard and prepared the food, served it to the kabala and then threw it in the graveyard. The kabala came down from Shiva’s hand; meanwhile, Parvati took her husband to the pond and cleaned him. The kabala searched for Shiva’s hand but could not touch him so it attached to Parvati’s hand. So Parvati forgot about this and danced; then she recognised what had happened and become big and destroyed the kabala with her right leg.

The fiercest form (Angara rubam or Agora rubam) which destroyed the kabala when separated from Parvati is called Angalaamman. Parvati told Angalaamman to stay there and give a boon to the people who worship her and she went to Kailayam. However, Shiva was not there. Shiva got relief from Brahma’s curse, but he was too hungry so he went Kasi and there Parvati, incarnated as "Annapoorani Devi", served him food and Shiva ate and got relief from his hunger.

In the Thandakarunyam Angalaamman give boon to the people who worship her the people who had diseases went there and get relief from the diseases she drive away the evil ghosts from the people and people go there and worship her in no moon days (Amavasya) at the midnight of every no moon day Angalamman is decorated and put on a swing (Amavasai Oonjal).



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