The fiercest form (Angara rubam or Agora rubam) which destroyed the kabala when separated from Parvati is called Angalaamman. Parvati told Angalaamman to stay there and give a boon to the people who worship her and she went to Kailayam
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On the request of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi incarnates into goddess Angala Parameswari in order to protect the earth and restore peace and righteousness.

Kottur Sri Angala Parameswari Amman incarnates itself under a tree in the present place where temple is located some 350 years ago. Later on a small Temple was built by the devotees in the 1950. In January 2001, Kadakkam C Thirunavukkarasu Odayer and his family took the initiative to expand and maintain the temple., Kottur Arulmigu Angalaparameswari Seva Trust was formed for the purpose of expanding and maintaining the Temple.  Since then the temple has gone through major changes and in Aug 2002, the last Kumbhashakam was done. The temple is Kula Deviam (Family God) for many communities in Tamil Nadu and other parts.


The presiding deity in the Temple is the Goddess Arulmegu Sri Angala Parameswari Amman. There are shrines to Vinayakar, Virapadharar, Irulan, PeriAndavar, Perinayagi, Pavadairayan, Periachi, Veran and Sapth Kannigal.






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