People who have the same Temple as their Kula deviam is called Maruvalligal. Sri Angalaparameswari Amman Temple is maintained by the efforts of all Maruvalligal from different parts of the world. 

Hundreds of year’s people living in a village worshiped a Deity of their village or nearby town. A few families move to a different for lively hood. Immediately after moving the ancestors continue to worship the same Deity of their erstwhile village in their houses or nearby temples. One man had 6 children and his clan increased 1>.6>>36>>216--all the 216 families in 4 generations worshiped the same Deity. After the British arrival and Independence the movement of people on Government/Company jobs increased many fold to Madras, Bombay , Calcutta, Delhi, Hyderabad etc and after 1960 to U.S.A, U.K., Germany, Australia, Japan.etc-216 families became 2600 families and all worship Principal Family Deity (Kula Daivam)  of their ancestral village )becomes Kula DaivamSri Angalaparameswari Amman Maruvalligal is now spread all over the world and occupy a good position with the blessing of our Kottur Amman.

Moving to the family level there is a surprising prominence given to what might be called family deities or gods associated with particular ancestors. Our forefathers and relatives have been worshiping that god for ages. It is the unshaken belief of most of the Hindus that these family deities take care of our family and save from all hardships and hindrances.

This is in most community tend to be different from the Hindu Gods that are generally worshiped in a common temple. A temple to a Kula deivam constructed in one’s ancestral village will have it as the main deity (Sanctum Sanctorum) while other Gods may also be present in the periphery. The Kula deivam can be formless as well. People who have migrated to other places still visit their ancestral village and pay their respects by offerings (animal sacrifices(by some people only) or donations or charity and or breaking coconuts) and feasting (called pongal -- which is also the name of Thanksgiving festival and a dish made of rice). Since in most villages, people of the same community tend to be related, everyone will have the same Kula Daivam. People visit the temple of their Kula Deivam every year and make special pujas from their family. Mostly these Kula Deivams would be considered the great deities in the villages. These are the things everyone in family wish to service.

This Temple Maruvaligal includes Director K Balanchander, Kalyanamali Mohan, Primid Natarajan, K C Thirunavukkarasu Odayar, K Siva Vadivel Odayar, S Ganapathi, Menamgudi Pillai, KCT Manohar,  T Ragunathan,  T Sukumar, T Ramesh and many others 


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Ther (Chariot)

Temple cars are chariots used to carry representations of the god. The car is usually used on festival days called Ther Thiruvizha (தேர் திருவிழா), usually happens important auspicious  days, where many people gathered around the temple and pull the cart

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