Abhishekam is a Sanskrit word for the sacred bath that is performed to the idol of the main presiding deity Sri Arulmehu Angalaparameswari Amman. Based on ancient Hindu spiritual customs, this is performed every day. Devotees virtually make a beeline for this Seva because watching the priests bathe the idol is the most emancipating of experiences, given that the belief of the devout that the idol is actually a manifestation of the Supreme Divine being Herself and not just a manually carved idol.

Daily Abhishekam done at the Following Timing


Monday        10.00 AM

Tueday        10.00 AM

Wednesday 10.00 AM

Thursday     10.00 AM

Friday          11.00 AM

Saturday      10.00 AM

Sunday        11.00 AM

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Ther (Chariot)

Temple cars are chariots used to carry representations of the god. The car is usually used on festival days called Ther Thiruvizha (தேர் திருவிழா), usually happens important auspicious  days, where many people gathered around the temple and pull the cart

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